A place for new moms to grow and connect. 

Being a mom today is hard AF. The Selfies to Selfless Membership Community wants to change that. No bullshit. No judgement. Just kick ass women helping up our mom game.

Selfies to Selfless

I see you mama!

You are here because you are tired. Tired of wondering when being a mom will FINALLY feel like you dreamed it would. You are tired for feeling guilty all the time. Tired of not measuring up to the mom you thought you would be. Tired of trying to be Supermom when really you are just super exhausted.

I know that feeling all too well

Hi! I'm Andrea

I’ve been through the depths of sleep deprivation, blowouts and blow ups and one thing I’ve learned is raising kids today is hard AF.  

And there’s not nearly enough support for new and new(ish) moms. There's mom shaming and online judgment tht can make the most confident mom doubt herself. And aren't you tired of trying to live up to the Instagram worthy life we see other moms have?  

(Spoiler alert, their life is as much of a shit show as yours, I promise.)

It's like I'm in your head, right?

That’s why I created the Selfies to Selfless membership community. I wanted to bring moms like you together to give you exactly what you need: knowledge and support. You'll get both of those and more with your membership benefits.

Membership Benefits

Sort of like a gym membership, but you don't have to sweat.

Exclusive Speakers

Tired of Googling every damn parenting question you have only to be left more confused than ever?  

Then you will LOVE the exclusive speakers that are lined up for you every month. Guests will be live in our group talking about all those important mom topics. Like breastfeeding, picky eaters, sleep tips and *gasp* sex.

You get to hear from the experts and then ask YOUR questions. 

Oh, and did I mention we will have a pediatrician on EVERY MONTH! Yup, access to a pediatrician is an amazing resource for all those little questions you have (like those 'is it normal' questions that you are too embarrased to ask your doc).

SEPTEMBER EXPERT: Marie Louise, Senior Midwife and creator of MLM hospital bags. She'll be in LIVE talking about the early signs of labor so you REALLY know when things are about to go down! Literally.


Finally, a group of moms you can count on. No judgement, no sass. Just moms helping moms. 

Your voice as a mom needs to be heard which is why the membership community will only have 500 members. Yup, 500. I want this community to thrive and I believe the only way it will is to form an intimate and safe space for women to open up about their mom life.

This group will focus on the life of moms with kids age 0-5. We will grow with you and be there for whatever you need, but when you are ready to take off the training wheels you can cancel any time.

I'll be hosting monthly meetings where you can jump on and connect with the community in real time. We'll chat, laugh, cry, and laugh some more.  

You can even reach out to me any time you like! Being a part of this group means online access to me any time you need a helping hand.

Remember that pediatrician I mentioned? Yeah, she kicks ass.

Stephanie Dekom, MD is a board-certified pediatrician located in Los Angeles. She studied in Washington, DC at The George Washington University School of Medicine. During medical school, Stephanie took a one year leave of absence after she won the title of Miss District of Columbia 2010, and then competed in the Miss America Pageant. After obtaining her medical degree in 2013, she subsequently went on to train in General Pediatrics at UCLA. She is currently a fellow at Los Angeles County & University of Southern California medical center and The Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles where she is further subspecializing in Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine. 

So how much does this cost? 

September special! Only $20 $10 a month-less than your Starbucks habit!

September is my month you guys! It's my birthday month, the month I announced both of my pregnancies, and my favorite festival happens at the end of the month. I know, I'm super basic, but I LOVE fall! To celebrate I'm cutting the membership fee IN HALF! To gain access to this exclusive community, pay a monthly fee of $10. That's it! Less than what you spend on your gym membership and you get access to all the perks listed above. And let's be real, you'll actually show up to these events, unlike the gym.  

Are you a Birchbox girl? StichFix? Mac and Mia? Why not a subscription service that helps you with something that can make your life so much easier?


If you sign up now your FIRST MONTH IS FREE! Yup! I'm so confident you are going to freaking LOVE this community that I want you to try it for a month completely free! Come in, poke around, chat with an expert, build relationships, all on me!

It doesn't get any better than free, right? 


Are you ready to take your mom life to the next level? Don't forget, your first month is FREE!

Membership FAQs

How many speakers will be in the group each month?

There will be two speakers who will join our group each month via Facebook live events. Plus, I will be popping in to the group regularly with my own live discussions. 

What if I can't attend live?

I will send out event details prior to the speaker coming in to the group so you can plan accordingly. You'll be able to watch the replay of the event for three months. If you would like to submit questions ahead of time you can do so.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel any time by emailing me. You will receive an email confirmation that your membership status has been cancelled.

Selfies to Selfless